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Cost Effective

Our staff of Researchers provide a cost-effective alternative to expensive and time consuming internet sourcing.   



Research and e-Recruiting                                   

Our Researchers provide this unique service to clients seeking information concerning candidates or competitors based upon information listed on such media as: major job boards; association sites; professional listings; published directories; and various internet locations that are not accessible, or cost-effective, to the general public. 

Basic staffing e-Recruiting allows you to receive pre-qualified resumes of active applicants listed on the major resume boards, including: Monsterq, Diceq, HotJobsq, and careerbuilderq; plus many other local and specialty sites.

  • YOU SELECT from local, regional, or national searches, defining all of your recruiting parameters;
  • WE SEARCH all of the major subscription resume databases, plus as many as 100 other local, trade, professional, and corporate sites;
  • WE TARGET schools, companies, competitors, or industries of your choosing to locate specific candidates;
  • WE PROVIDE daily results of our searches, including applicant names, titles, contact information, and resumes

Typical Research and e-Recruiting fees range from $200 - $750 for local searches within a 50 mile radius; $500 - $1,500 for regional searches within a 200 mile radius; and, $1,000 - $3,000 for searches across the continental U.S. 

Additional services, including screening, interviewing, testing, and employment assessments are also available on an hourly basis.