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You can't afford to make the wrong hiring decision.

34% of resumes and 73% of job applications contain falsified or embellished information.

38% of all employees have been involved in serious acts of dishonesty within the past two years.

35% of all business failures (or 36,000 companies per year) can be attributed to employee-related theft.

Part-time employees are 33% more likely to steal than are full-time employees.

29% of employees think everybody steals.



Background Screening             [View fee schedule]                    

Background screening has become an essential factor in determining the success or failure of an applicant. Recognizing this need, executives from 3 highly-respected HR service providers, with over 110 years of combined history, joined together to form PreTrax background screening services. PreTrax was created to provide you with the most reliable information available to make informed selection decisions. Through careful analysis of client and industry feedback, we have developed a system that is:

Accuracy-based · Information-focused
 Customer-responsive · Inherently timely

We service all industries as well as associations and volunteer groups:

Businesses · Financial Institutions
 Medical and Legal Professionals
 Volunteers · Interns and Co-ops
 Vendors · Consultants

Our automated system enables you to order, or self-perform, various background searches with just a few mouse clicks.

Interviewing · Reference Checking
 Employment History · Education Verification
 Consumer Credit History · Workers Compensation History
 Driving Record · Professional License Verification
 Criminal History · Drug Screening
 Social Security Verification
 Psychological and Skill Assessments

Any, or all, of these searches can be combined to satisfy your unique situation and needs. Bundled packages are also available for additional savings. When you choose PreTrax, you can be assured that you are receiving the highest quality and most up-to-date information available on your particular candidate or applicant. All of this, at cost-effective pricing that you will appreciate.

Screening That Enlightens™