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Management Assessment
The assessment process for executives and managers is designed to provide that “tailored fit” by measuring a variety of qualities that include: motivation, operational style, problem-solving skills, interpersonal effectiveness and leadership.



Employee Evaluation and Assessment

                                                                                                     We have partnered with a leading provider of psychological assessments and employment evaluations, to offer proven methodology to assist in the prediction of employee success.  They have provided individual assessments at all organizational levels for over 50 years. From entry-level hourly personnel to the CEO’s office these assessment processes have been used:

  • To help managers select the right people when hiring

  • To promote the right people into the right positions

  • To develop people’s leadership skills and for succession planning              (Including 360 degree feedback tools)

  • Merger and Acquisition integrations

Assessing people is a valuable step to help ensure that both client and employee are happy and effective. Time and again our valid assessment processes have correlated with job related performance metrics including:

  • Sales growth and profit increases 
  • Reduced unwanted turnover 
  • Better productivity 
  • Fewer accidents 

Please contact us if you would like to hear more about a customized application or solution for your organization.